ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Primer

AbelCine Education Team

ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Primer

AbelCine Education Team
1h 38m
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    1h 38m


In this comprehensive camera primer AbelCine Camera Technology Specialist Corey Christian takes you through the ARRI Alexa Mini, one of the world’s most popular digital cinema camera systems. Over 90 minutes this course teaches you exactly how to set up, configure and operate the camera, including the operation of the camera’s body controls, the menu system, working with audio, monitoring waveforms, working with LUTs and ARRI Looks and finally on to post production and how to understand and handle ARRIRaw files.



In this opening module, AbelCine educator Corey Christian gives an overview of the main specifications and features of the ARRI Alexa Mini cinema camera.


Continuing the camera overview, Corey steps through the external controls of the Alexa Mini and its EVF and Monitor, explaining how each is used to access the camera controls.


Here Corey dives deep into every aspect of the Alexa Mini’s menu system and explains the function and options of each setting to help you understand how to configure the camera to your specific preference and project requirements.


In this module, we go through the audio aspects of the Alexa Mini and gain an understanding of how the camera supports audio either in a single-system setup or when you wish to record scratch audio to the camera.


In this lesson Corey takes us through a five-step workflow for setting up the Arri Alexa Mini for shooting, whether you’re filming one-man handheld, on a drone, or in an advanced multi-camera production environment.


Here Corey takes us through the range of scopes available on the Alexa Mini and how to interpret them to correctly set your exposure.


In this lesson Corey starts by explaining how the camera captures an image, to then discuss the relationship between RAW and Log and how it relates to the Alexa Mini.


Continuing from the last module, we explore the difference between Looks and LUTs and how they can be used both functionally and creatively throughout production and post-production.


In this module Corey discusses Log-C and how to correctly set Log-C to maximise exposure latitude for your Alexa Mini.


In the final module for the course Corey gives us an overview of the post-production basics for the Alexa Mini, including how to process ARRIRaw footage and how to import LUTs and framelines for the camera.

About the Educator

AbelCine Education Team

Camera Technology Specialists

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One of the world’s leading retailers to the cinema and filmmaking industry, AbelCine offers a wide range of services including sales, rental, service and education. Education and the sharing of knowledge is at its core, and its education team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable camera specialists including Megan Donnelly, Ian McCausland, Corey Christian and Geoff Smith.

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