Understanding LUTs: Theory and Application

AbelCine Team

Understanding LUTs: Theory and Application

AbelCine Team
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The application of LUTs goes well beyond a “creative look” to plug in to your final project, and in this beginner’s course, AbelCine’s technology specialists Geoff Smith and Ian McCausland give you a thorough understanding of LUTs, their various applications, how to create your own and how to best utilitize them throughout production and post-production.

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In the introductory module to the course, Geoff Smith breaks down what a LUT is, what is varied applications are and how these differ from Looks and Scene Files, so you have a concrete understanding of exactly how a LUT can be used in the filmmaking process.

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In this lesson, Ian McCausland introduces us to a professional DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) Cart and its various components including the LUT box, control surface and Pomfort LiveGrade Pro.

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Here we discover how LUTs are created on-set for both delogging and creativity in Pomfort LiveGrade and how to import those looks into your camera.

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In the final module for the course, Ian shows us how to apply the LUTs we’ve created during post-production using Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve.

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About the Educator

AbelCine Team

Camera Technology Specialists

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One of the world’s leading providers to the cinema and filmmaking industry, AbelCine offers a wide range of services including sales, rental, service and education. Education and the sharing of knowledge is at its core, and its education team is comprised of experienced, knowledgeable camera specialists including Megan Donnelly, Ian McCausland, Nic Somera, Corey Christian and Geoff Smith.


Really technical.
Aruho Manzi
Thank You. Thanks for enlightening me.
P Menangnichet
Was great to learn from cinematographer Ian McCausland again. Attended on-hands instruction which he gave at AbelCine in Burbank, California a few years ago on Arri and Sony professional cameras. As one can sense through this online class, Ian exhibits great professional skill and enthusiasm in his personalized teaching.
Grant Walther
I now understand what a LUT is :)
Steve Wickett
Great course. It teaches a lot about the LUTS and Looks and how and when to apply them. It even got some coloring tips.
Terrell Epps
Excellent course filled with lots of useful information for anyone looking to use Luts.
Douglas Farrelly
Mayuranga Fernando
Very nice and complete overview of the luts and its uses in differents stages of the production.
Pablo Franco
This course is very informative. There are detailed explanations and examples of application. Short course, but I just learned so much! Thanks!
Branden Hart
Elio Sofia
Outstanding. Really enjoyed the class and advanced my learning.
Michael Fauser
Short but great! Thank You.
Łukasz Kucharski
Great understanding of LUTs, especially for an on-set use. Would have loved to go into more detail regarding the live-grading possibilities with regards to meta data for post-production use later on in our workflow.
Keith Tedesco
Pretty good content. Some of the initial "theory" stuff seemed to have been a bit rushed through. Loved the hands on stuff with the software though. Thanks!
Christian Pokrywka
Basic introduction to the job of a DIT, from set concepts to how it can be used in post. Good value to someone starting out!
Timur Gavrilenko
Good and practical explanation through and through.
Cristal Ayala
Wish it was more in depth.
Accounting Department
Very useful, awesome hosts, but a little bit generic.
aniello ferrone
Good course for them who needs to understand LUTs and how to use them correctly in camera or during topaz production workflow. But want to have in future more in depth study with more on set techniques how to work with LUTs, CDLs pithing live grading on set with Pomfort lets say or Baselight. Anyway many thanks for such course!
Iaroslav Kerget
Very good course. It helped solidify a lot of terms and concepts. I agree with another reviewer that the first video was a little rushed, but otherwise it was presented well and very informative.
Donovan Sheets
There was useful information in this course, including the introduction portion and the brief bit about working with LUTs in post. I found the middle portions (which were dedicated almost entirely to very specific workflows using specific software) to be less useful. I also would have appreciated a little more detail in the final video regarding when/why you would use the various looks/LUTs/CDLs in a real world situation. The WHY is equally as important as the HOW.
Joseph Henry
A little disappointed that only Davinci was used because it would be nice if Premiere was used to teach this as well.
Thomas Cooksey

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