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Certified Online Training for Camera Systems

ARRI Academy
10h 4m
8 modules (view curriculum)

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    10h 4m


This ARRI-certified course covers all aspects of shooting with the ARRI ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA SXT W and AMIRA camera systems including detailed guides to ARRIRAW and other recording formats, ARRI advanced look workflows and HDR. Using ARRI's online camera simulators, online tools and industry standard post-production software you will become familiar with typical on-set situations and explore common post-production workflows, experimenting with the application of different ARRI looks and LUTs to suit individual setups. Upon completion of the course you will receive ARRI certification.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)


1h 12m

In this lesson we are introduced to the ARRI ALEXA LF and the ALEXA SXT W cameras, before taking an in-depth look at their features, layout and capabilities to assist you in becoming a confident camera operator on set.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 24m

We continue the course by looking at the ARRI AMIRA and the ALEXA Mini cameras. We review the cameras' features, layout and capabilities to assist you in becoming a confident camera operator on set.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 20m

In this module we look at the native lens mounts of the ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT W, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA, and how they can be adapted to support a wide range of lens choices. We then discuss the image and illumination circle of lenses to identify how different lenses cover different sensor sizes, before looking at framelines and both traditional and behind-the-lens filtration.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 09m

Here we take a look at the various ways to configure and remotely control the ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT W, ALEXA Mini and AMIRA.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 16m

In this module we look at the different types of media supported by the camera systems, as well as the various formats in terms of sensor modes, aspect ratios, lens styles and codecs that are available.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 21m

To best understand ARRIRAW we start with a detailed explanation of how a camera sensor converts optical light into a digital signal inside the camera. Following that we look at how color is processed and the various tools available to assist with exposure and focusing.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

1h 20m

ARRI offers a wide range of workflows for managing color including in-camera, off-camera, during post production and even live-grading on set. In this module we look at each of those options and the various software tools available to assist you in realising your creative vision through the production and post pipeline.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)


We begin the final module in the course by discussing image quality and the roles of resolution, dynamic range and color reproduction from a camera sensor. Then we investigate High Dynamic Range (HDR) video and how the ARRI cameras are already equipped to take full advantage of these new formats.

Subtitles available: English, Spanish (Latin America)

About the Educator

Led by experienced industry professionals, ARRI Academy courses provide unrivalled insight into the full possibilities of working with ARRI camera systems, lenses, lights and accessories.


Full of "nerdy" knowledge, which I really liked and informative lessons with examples. Also a lot of camera hardware disclosure.
Kristof Daniel Lazar
An incredible course that helps further knowledge and workflows with ARRI camera systems!
David Pierce
After taking this course, handling ARRI camera systems became so easy. Glad I took this course, it enabled me to know camera systems inside-out.
Loved it! Super informative. The course helped me fill gaps and head scratchers!
Jeremy Castillo
Shao-Che Lee
Great training, very good insights and tips. A must-follow for any filmmaker.
Manuel Van der Perre
Tolani Mosweu
Very informative and easy to understand.
Jeremy Sultan
This is such quality content filled with tons and tons of information I didn't know before. I learned so much. Thank you for making this.
Abobakr Alshiblie
Thank you ARRI Academy!
Ahmed Jaouadi
Lots of great info presented in a very technical and clear way, but with some humor and great examples so it was actually entertaining as well!
Alex Garcia
Fantastic course, I've been wanting to get into the Arri ecosystem for a while now. The classes gave me everything needed to start the process correctly. Happy that there is now a digital course for the Arri Training as it has been rather difficult to go to location based courses.
Corey L'Esperance
Great information and accompanying resource files were very handy with the extra information. Appreciated the humor spread throughout the episodes as well.
Max Berntsson Lagerdahl
As someone who is completely new to the ARRI world, this course was fantastic.
Daniel Grindrod
Adam Weinberg
A very comprehensive course covering all aspects of the camera.
Very informative and detailed I'm very happy and totally enjoyed the course. Can't wait for more from the collaboration, between ARRI and MZed. I am on board.
William Wonders III
Extraordinaire. Un "must have" quand on veut mettre les mains dans le camboui et maîtriser les caméras ARRI. Les vidéos sont très pédagogues et les documents fournis, indispensables. À faire absolument.
Marc Pointel
You can gain a lot of insight into shooting, seting up, monitoring, post processing and history when it comes to ARRI cameras. Plus the tutor is really chill and funny.
Stepan Dolezal
Excellent course
Adarsha Raju
Great information for any department!
Good insight into ARRI cameras.
Daniel Wye
Amazing information regarding the various Arri cameras and workflows. Very insightful and interesting. Highly recommended!
Joachim Sebastian Kuusiholma
Really great course that provides a lot of information on the Arri camera system. Will definitely revisit to grasp some more stuff, but learned a lot that can be implemented for future projects.
Andrew Phan
Good overview of Arri cameras.
Trent Posey
Really good idea, congratulations Arri. I follow with interest these topics that help me to equalize the knowledge. I watch it with multitasking windows on my monitor during the editing of images so hours are pleasant listening to the beautiful voice of this senior trainer. PS. The clock in the background is also useful!
Rodolfo Rudy Fenaroli
It was a very good course. They give a very good knowledge about ARRI cameras. I really enjoyed the course.
Karan Katyal
Fantastic Course! Great Trainer! Thank You!
Alexander Volkov
Outstanding course. I work as a camera prep tech at a Sydney based rental house. I found this course featured a broad range of information from basic to advantaged however retained enough detail in the key topics. Great presentation. Great course Arri!
Jordan-Rhys Jenkins
The course is very comprehensive. I really like the attitude and the atmosphere of how it is presented. I have learned many things about ARRI cameras and the possibilities that you have, or can have in any project. I really appreciated the depth of explanation in every module. Thank you and I hope that you will continue providing us with more knowledge in the future.
Constantinos Yiakoumi
A very comprehensive course about all the Arri universe, lot of technical of course but also tricks and tips that can help any cinematographer even with non Arri Cameras.
Julien Gouz
Great course. A lot of information very nerdy which is a good thing for me. But I just feel like there is something missing I just wanted to see the camera operated more and used in a location to see what is happening in the real world otherwise I totally recommend this course for everyone. Great job and thank you for creating such an amazing content.
Aly Dahawy

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