Large Format Cinematography with James Laxton ASC

ARRI Academy

Large Format Cinematography with James Laxton ASC

ARRI Academy
2h 21m
5 modules (view curriculum)

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    2h 21m


In this ARRI Academy masterclass from Camerimage 2018, James Laxton ASC discusses his approach to cinematography and how large-format cameras have helped him to discover a new level of emotional connectivity, including his experiences shooting on the ARRI ALEXA 65 camera and Signature Primes lenses.

Subtitles available: English



Before the masterclass kicks off, James Laxton ASC sits down with An Tran to discuss his approach to working on a project and his relationship with directors including frequent collaborator Barry Jenkins.

Subtitles available: English


As the practical component of the masterclass starts, James Laxton ASC discusses how large format cameras have changed his approach to cinematography and the new perspectives these tools have opened up in his work.

Subtitles available: English


In this module James Laxton ASC discusses advancements in LED lighting, the emotional value of color and how he approaches lighting various skin tones.

Subtitles available: English


Here James Laxton ASC focusses on his most recent cinematic collaboration with director Barry Jenkins, “If Beale Street Could Talk” and deconstructs some of the film’s key scenes.

Subtitles available: English


In the final module of the masterclass, James Laxton ASC demonstrates how he uses LED lighting and color balance to create mood in a scene.

Subtitles available: English

About the Educator

Led by experienced industry professionals, ARRI Academy courses provide unrivalled insight into the full possibilities of working with ARRI camera systems, lenses, lights and accessories.


Nice hands on examples with opportunity for good questions from audience. Film examples helped.
Bradley Leech
This is an informative glimpse into the techniques, tools and artistry of a world-class cinematographer. I particularly appreciated the artistic discussions and insights into creative collaboration with the director.
Jon Betz
Simply - wow! Thank You.
Luke Kucharski
Absolutely loved this. I need to rewatch this once more.
Abobakr Alshiblie
This was a great insight into a master of cinematography and his thought patterns on not only large format but also on photography on any format.
Marco Marco
James Laxton is fluent in all aspects and very generous in his teatching.
Alban Cousinié
Not as in-depth as other courses, but still a lot of great information in a short amount of time.
Alex Garcia
There are many masterclasses that are quick and lack depth, however, this really was a great learning experience. Not many DP's like to share information like this and it was so refreshing to listen to James Laxton. His passion for cinematography and his passion for film is inspirational and you finish the masterclass with sense of true passion for the art as well.
Sharad Patel
An amazing experience to know how James Laxton worked in his two last movies. I was already big fan of the movies and now, knowing about the details of his cinematography, I felt proud! Congrats !!
Suelen Menezes
Interesting topics and stimulating examples
Rodolfo Rudy Fenaroli
I hoped to see more on stage practical scenes but the information was good and helpful.
Luis Cruz
Pretty good course. Good examples from the movies and very well detailed by the instructor.
Terrell Epps
Vinicius Bock
The last video in the series is by far the best showing more examples. When he talked about lighting for different skin tones, I would have liked a practical demo.
C Jones
It’s basically Q&A and a little bit of examples
Valiantsin Balanovich

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