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The Art & Science of Lenses

Tal Lazar

Lenses are one of the most important creative tools in cinematography. They are shrouded in mystery and most of their potential often remains unused. Join the select group of professionals who possess the knowledge to use lenses to their full potential. Learn the foundations of optics and gain the ability to design lens tests, collaborate with technicians and understand technical specifications.

Cinematography for Directors

Tal Lazar

Working with a cinematographer is a skill which every Film and TV director or producer needs to master. What do they need to know to do their job best? What decisions are made by the director and what by the cinematographer, and how to make these decisions? How to lead a technical team without being a technical master yourself? This course will take you to the heart of your own story. You’ll learn how to find and communicate the core of what your images need to express, and make decisions like where to place your camera and what lens to use. You’ll learn to harness the immense power of narrative perspective, move the camera purposefully and lead your team confidently in making these decisions.

Lighting People - On Location

Paul Atkins, ASC & Stephen Lighthill, ASC

In this 4-hour course, master cinematographers Stephen Lighthill, ASC, and Paul Atkins, ASC, share their tips and tricks for on-location lighting, both indoors and outdoors. This is particularly relevant for documentary filmmakers, who often have to work with what’s available in terms of location. Having worked as DPs in the industry for many decades, Paul and Stephen share a wealth of experience and knowledge with a diverse group of filmmakers, and the MZed audience has an exclusive chance to be part of that workshop.

This course was filmed in Austria as part of the Jackson Wild Summit. You can watch the other course with Stephen and Paul, The Wildlife Cinematography Workshop, for free on MZed as well.

Anamorphic Cookbook Part 2

Tito Ferradans

On the heels of the most epic course on anamorphic lenses, educator Tito Ferradans is back with brand new lessons in Anamorphic Cookbook Part 2.

As an exclusive bonus, MZed Pro members can get a free copy of Tito Ferradans' "Anamorphic on a Budget" ebook by going to the Member Discounts page under Account Settings.

The Language of Lighting

Tal Lazar

Lighting is a language communicating information and emotions to the viewer. It is also a language visual artists use to communicate with each other. This course is not just about lamps and lighting conventions. Learn to see light like a professional cinematographer and design it to tell a story. What is the purpose of lighting in a scene and how to connect it with your character? What is the difference between lighting on set or on a soundstage? How do you lead a team of lighting technicians? What is the best lighting unit to choose, and why? All these questions and more are answered in this course, filmed on a soundstage and utilizing demonstrations and many scenes from great films.

How to Start a Podcast

Latasha James

So, you’re interested in starting a podcast? Start here! In this course, Latasha James shows you everything it takes to create a successful podcast, step-by-step. From planning and building a listener profile, choosing a topic and creating a show identity, mastering the tech and gear to produce pristine recordings, learning the art of the interview, all the way to editing and marketing your show, publishing to podcasting platforms, finding sponsors, and so much more – with this course, you'll be producing your own podcast in no time.

Selling The Punch

America Young

Join America Young and Graham Ehlers Sheldon as they show you what it takes to bring a piece of combat from script to screen. For every person who works on a film set, or even any movie lover who wants to know more about stunts, America and Graham provide a foundation in how the professionals plan, rehearse, and wind up Selling the Punch.

Wildlife Cinematography Workshop

Paul Atkins, ASC & Stephen Lighthill, ASC

Join Paul Atkins, ASC and Stephen Lighthill, ASC at the Jackson Wild Film Festival in Austria as we explore wildlife cinematography philosophy and techniques.

Building a Pitch Deck

Lesley Powers

When pitching your project, often you only have seconds to grab someone's attention. Join Lesley Powers for this rare opportunity to learn how to build a memorable pitch deck for your Film/TV project. Pitch decks are a niche that Powers describes as a digital vision board. The collaboration between graphic designer and creator is vital - entrusting someone to give life to your story is no small feat, and one Powers takes very seriously. In this course you'll learn everything you need to know about how to make your own pitch deck, or work with a designer to create a visual presentation that sells your project.

Anamorfake It Until You Make It

Tito Ferradans

You want the anamorphic look but can't justify the added cost? No problem. This new course from Tito Ferradans shows you how to modify lenses and experiment with filters and post-production techniques so that you can Anamorfake It Until You Make it!

As an exclusive bonus, MZed Pro members can get a free copy of Tito Ferradans' "Anamorfake It Until You Make It" ebook and bonus content by going to the Member Discounts page under Account Settings.

Anamorphic Cookbook

Tito Ferradans

The Anamorphic Cookbook is the ultimate course about the history of anamorphic lenses and how to put together your own rig. After five years of experimenting with various lenses, systems, and cameras, educator Tito Ferradans has created a fast-paced and entertaining guide to anamorphics, saving you both time and money on your anamorphic journey.

As an exclusive bonus, MZed Pro members can get a free copy of Tito Ferradans' "Anamorphic on a Budget" ebook by going to the Member Discounts page under Account Settings.

From Scene to Screen Workshop

Tal Lazar

In this hour-long session Tal Lazar takes a deep-dive into the type of preparation a director does in order to initiate a successful collaboration with a cinematographer. Topics covered include: What in the script is used to create images? What in the script is used to create images? What is the role of the director when working with a cinematographer, and how to lead a creative conversation without needing much technical knowledge?

ARRI Tech Talk Live

ARRI Academy

Watch ARRI's virtual events where you can expand your technical knowhow and get useful tips for ARRI products directly from the experts.

Starting a Youtube Channel

Kitty Peters

Are you ready to start a YouTube channel? In this course, visual artist Kitty Peters guides you through the entire process, from choosing a niche, setting up your studio, breaking through the constant challenges, and figuring out how to make money along the way. There's no better time to join the YouTube creator community, all you need is the desire to begin and this course to show you how.

Short Films 101

Seth Worley

Join writer/director Seth Worley as he takes you on another distilled journey through filmmaking, this time sharing his experiences making award-winning short films. In this course you’ll learn the most important steps to making your short the very best it can be, from finding your voice as a filmmaker through to post-production and establishing an audience.

Writing 201

Seth Worley

Continuing on from Writing 101, we join writer and director Seth Worley again as he deconstructs the traditional three-act screenplay structure as well as his approach to creating a screenplay from breaking the story all the way through to pitching it to production.

Writing 101

Seth Worley

Join writer and director Seth Worley as he gives a succinct break-down of the fundamentals of screenwriting, using established storytelling paradigms and well-known cinematic examples. This course is ideal for anyone new to screenwriting as well as established writers looking for refreshing ideas to help them organically flesh out a story.

Directing Color

Ollie Kenchington

In Directing Color, filmmaker, editor and colorist Ollie Kenchington explores how visual language cues, color theory and even color grading techniques can be used throughout the filmmaking process to not just create a “look” but to enhance storytelling. He challenges directors, cinematographers and filmmakers to think of color first rather than the more common approach of leaving color considerations until post-production.

Canon C200 Camera Primer

Matthew Allard ACS

In this comprehensive primer for the Canon Cinema EOS C200, news cameraman and award-winning cinematographer Matt Allard ACS takes you through the essential features and controls to help you get the most from this incredible camera.

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