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High Dynamic Range with Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC

ARRI Academy

High Dynamic Range with Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC

ARRI Academy
2h 14m
5 modules (view curriculum)

  • Total Time:

    2h 14m


Join master cinematographer Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC as he leads this workshop from 2017’s Camerimage festival, exploring lighting for HDR. Through lighting an apartment set for three different times of day, Karl Walter shares with us his processes for lighting interiors and how he approaches the increased possibilities of higher dynamic range. This course is presented in HDR for compatible displays.

Subtitles available: English



Before the master class officially begins, ARRI’s Marc Shipman-Mueller introduces the state of HDR and what it means for filmmakers, before covering the technical setup for the day.

Subtitles available: English


As the formal workshop begins, Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC walks us through lighting a midday interior scene in an apartment set, discussing how the introduction of HDR has impacted his approach.

Subtitles available: English


Continuing the workshop, Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC changes moods to a late afternoon “golden hour” setup.

Subtitles available: English


In the final practical module of the workshop, Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC transforms the scene to nighttime, showing how he approaches a day-for-night for HDR.

Subtitles available: English


We close the workshop with a question and answer session with Karl Walter Lindenlaub ASC, ARRI’s Marc Shipman-Mueller and Florian Martin, and Filmlight’s Daniele Siragusano and Andreas Minuth.

Subtitles available: English

About the Educator

Led by experienced industry professionals, ARRI Academy courses provide unrivalled insight into the full possibilities of working with ARRI camera systems, lenses, lights and accessories.


Very educational
d b
Very interesting
Pietro De Tilla
Great knowledge package. Thank You.
Łukasz Kucharski
Recommended. Practical guide to the light setup during the hours of the day to understand the advantages of better managing HDR Shooting.
Rodolfo Rudy Fenaroli
The "High Dynamic Range" workshop was extremely helpful by not only discussing the differences in lighting techniques but also demonstrating how certain problems could be mitigated during the capture. Alway emphasizing the importance of capturing correct skin tone as the primary objective but the workshop also demonstrating practical lighting, and set color techniques. A really great presentation with lots of good information that I'll watch many more times.
Vic Patterson
Very informative, techically and I was learn a lot from others experience. Thank you very much!
Marton Bokros
A good masterclass in interior lighting for HDR and SDR.
A Knox
It was one of my first masterclasses from ARRI that I took. Really useful and eyeopening for a cinematographer like I am.
Phong Tran
An absolute eye opener. Thank you!
Andrew van der Ven
It is a new technology for me, so it was great to have a deep insight and very detailed and practical examples to show the pros and cons on HDR on ALEXA systems
Guillermo Castellanos
Great information!
Jerry Chambless
Excellent insight into a world leading DP's thinking
KF Schneider
Very informative. Explains the advantages, pitfalls and workflow for the many deliverable formats the the modern filmmaking environment demands.
Vincent Tay
Very insightful!
Andras Paul
Good course will like a course maybe on location
Zecco Eze
Love this guy, Great Information
Brian K Wilcox
Good to see how not everything is set-in-stone, lots of latitude when creating movies.
Julio Nieves
Great course with on set illustration of lighting choices and relationships to types of settings and color range.
Bradley Leech
Great course and very informative. Shame it’s finishing soon.
Giles Mallard
Very interesting course, but quite difficult sometimes. The HDR introduction is quite criptic, and for someone new to the topic is difficutl to understand. But the overall course and lessons are very well made.
Andrea Cassina
Really nice course, but in the set, someone who really understands HDR should be there telling the course. DP is fantastic, but his knowledge with HDR wasn't the best
Nicolas Vallejo
Looks like there were moments in between set ups where they discuss results, grading and workflows that it is not shown on the course. That would have been very useful to have.
lata garabello
A behind-the-scenes "live" workshop on HDR and lighting was full of practical information and tips. Useful tips included grading in SDR first, and HDR second, but with the workshop having been filmed in 2017, consumer and professional cameras and TV sets have made advancements in the years that have passed. Other interesting ideas were discussed in the Q&A chapter, especially with how some post-production houses do HDR pass, whereby an SDR grade will have an HDR Rec 2020 LUT applied, with a pass to check too see which areas of the footage has issues. Overall, an interesting workshop course for those who want to see a "practical" hands-on demonstration on the impact of lighting practices in the HDR production workflow.
Edmon Rotea
Nice! I preferred most the Q&A section than Karl Walter's lighting... I found it too old school.
Andrea Salibra
Great course thanks ARRI for offering it for free. It would have been nice to also see the section dealing with how the footage was handled in post.
Ben Turner
If they got to the point, this course would've been 1 hour instead of 2.5.
Valiantsin Balanovich
Most of the SDR and HDR results were not available to compare as he was lighting. The class was very informative indeed.
Very interesting lighting course, but not so fluent about HDR. At the end, the Q&A with the colorists saves the topic.
Alban Cousinié
I truly enjoyed the Q&A at the end, I think it was the most valuable part of the course, and they really digged into the differences between HDR and SDR workflows and grading. On the rest of the videos, the approach and thought process of lighting the scenes was great, but it felt more like a lighting class than an HDR class. I felt the concept of HDR wasn't as predominant as I would've liked.
Oscar Estrada

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